D21 Cover Letter to Manuel Campo


Language: Spanish

Number of Copies 28

Date 1967

Mr. Manuel Campo




We know the importance of what we tell him.We know that an allegation of this nature, usually only formulate a joker, a mentally disturbed with delusions, some reporter or advertising that seeks to exploit the news to their advantage.


When a story breaks the mold normal likelihood, and lack the resources and elements to witness their reality, any balanced and intelligent mind is right and must adopt a skeptical or suspicious.We must never accept the simple testimony, especially when as in this case the origin is unknown, and therefore suspected of fraud.


For us we know what we are going to reveal it’s true, but we can not logically posit that you create such fantastic demonstrations « We admit that we instead react the same. »


But it is permissible however, the tolerant attitude of « a priori » any version, to analyze carefully and dispassionately seeking truth.In fact all the researchers of the Earth have followed this approach.


If concepts that seemed fantastic and absurd AYER not been examined by competent experts, « you would have come to this State Cultural crossing the Earth?


But if these concepts are wrong, if these versions are fraudulent if it is working only for frauds, the truth has to make way unmasking the illusions, the joker, the paranoid, or the imposter, who tried to slip under the label SCIENCE .


We studied this point your story enough to realize the vast amount of false prophets, paranoid mind, unscrupulous exploited their advantage in the naive credulity of scientists of good faith.


We appreciate how science has had to fight against nebulous forms of superstition, astrology, Theosophy, Spiritualism, Dowsing and although it carried a few principles valid and capable of being investigated jointly presented a host of assertions, analogical reasoning absurd , petitions of principle totally unacceptable for a balanced mind.


Already in these, in recent years, due to the occurrences in the atmosphere of so-called UFO or UFOs or Flying Saucers commonly, fantasy land of men has overflowed to multiply in the news media such fraudulent phenomena, « What More seriously, appearing in various countries such as George Adamski individuals in 1952, Daniel Fi or Edit Jacob Norway in 1954 said they had had intercourse with beings from other planets.


These subjects and the initial credulity of the masses initially welcoming their absurd stories have totally discredited the serious studies that nevertheless are conducting the Technical Departments of Certain Officers governments.


Aware of these versions since have created a climate of distrust logic, no wonder there is a repetition of this little tale popular among you concerning the Shepherd and the Wolf.


By this we know well that we will not be believed in this case when they make disclosures that will be presented here.


We repeat that our main goal is not to be believed without further evidence that these documents are going to send.This does not mean that henceforth refer to them no real arguments and evidence of our identity as we have already in the United States, England and here in Spain with a person.In fact we know in other countries, Australia, Germany, Soviet Union, are currently receiving our reports, led to prominent scientists, and although we recognize that a large percentage of recipients broke our cards by taking them logically as the work of a prankster or deranged in some cases the overwhelming collection of genuine scientific data supplied by us, eventually convincing many that the bottom could say something real.


With these people, the relationships have continued, reticent and suspicious, but objective assessment of the strange situation without discarding the hypothesis of our identity « alleged » was plausible.


So please read carefully what we say: Never mind that in principle do it for curiosity, and totally disregarding the suitability of our apparent Fantastic claims.We reiterate that we are not so naive as to expect to be believed.


Besides, there is a second reason which may seem paradoxical, and explain them in due course.We do not want the masses are aware that we exist.And we have powerful reasons for this, our attitude.


Until the present, except for a few exceptions, our contacts have been limited to men of Science (Pure researchers, and a few engineers) who have provided some information on physics, biology, and psychology as interesting to them.Just as some technical procedures of industrial application, as in the case of AWR in Atlanta (USA.) Were accepted and patented surprised, but thinking it was some original and eccentric scientist.


So there are reasons that cause us to introduce ourselves to you, precisely because they are within the restricted group, which more or less intellectual, have been concerned throughout the world of that problem for the man in the street is the Source of UFO.




We come from a planet whose verbal phonics could be described like this « Ummo » (The U very closed and guttural. The M could be interpreted as B) which we summarize key features.


ORBIT OF « Ummo.


Elliptical eccentricity 0.007833 focused on the star, called by us or YUMM IUMMA, which performs the same functions as the SUN of you.




The apparent distance which is followed by a coherent beam of waves in the space of three dimensions was the fourth of January, nineteen hundred fifty-five.


Light 14.437 years.




The actual distance in space decadimensional on the same date, in our opinion.


3.685 years Light.


The first distance, is used in their calculations the Stargazers Land (Defying the light curves to cross Gravitational Fields of strong intensity).This distance is « Constant » for two fixed bodies in space.


REAL DISTANCE IN SPACE DECADIMENSIONAL. It is a function of time and place in an N-dimensional space, and presents some frequency.Its valuation is very important because he is linked to our Galactic travel.


Equatorial radius of « Ummo.


Measured at elevation UAUAWEE Universal.


R = 7251.61 km


Ummo MASS.


M = 9.36 × 10 24 kg mass.


TILT Ummo.


A normal Relocation Plan is 18 ° 39 ’56 « 


TIME rotation about its axis.


600 UIW.Around 30.03 hours, equivalent to date you, but is longer.




11.88 meters / second 2.


Although they may seem strange to you, we are not certain which of the stars scheduled for you, match our IUMMA (Sun Ummo).By a translation of coordinates, we have estimated that since the earth would our IUMMA like a star with the following characteristics.



12 hours 31 minutes 14 seconds




9 º 18 ’14 « (Zone constellation » Virgo « )


Absolute visual magnitude.


« 14,3 »




Probably be reduced to mediate at a distance of 3.682 Parsec, a great cloud of cosmic dust, but will be between 12 and 13 so that it will only be accessible to you by photographic means.


Spectral type.


(According Astronomical Terrestrial Code) Type M our IUMMA is what you call a dwarf star.


Unfortunately the errors made by you regarding valuation of distances, are in many cases exceeded 15% in various star catalogs tailored for you.So it is impossible, even with careful translation of axes, identify any star coded by us, with another scheduled for astronomers on Earth.But we believe that our IUMMA perhaps a star can be registered by you with the name of Wolf 424 since their coordinates are similar to those we have outlined.




Our geographical geological structure is quite different from that of Planet Earth.The oceans occupy 61,84% with water in various chloride dominated saline.


There is only one continent full of great lakes, the largest of which, the SAAO AUWOA (Small Sea God) is about 276 × 10 3 km 2.


Our ranges (very weathered) hardly have rugged forms.


The OAG OEII are a kind of volcanoes that are in the form of large cracks that projections for high and bright incandescent columns Pentane-Methane-Oxygen.




We use a dual language (By sequential repetition of several words we express two simultaneous streams of ideas).The words that we noted in this report are approximate graphical expressions of real telephony.


MATH Ummo.


In math we use a numbering system based on twelve.Of course we only have ten fingers as you The reasons are purely historical.Just curious as we were then exercises mathematical expressions with their equivalent in ours.Image A.





They include some units used in our planet.





WaaliaPronounced waalia and is equivalent to 12 4.3 light years.




ENMOOENMOOequals 1.8736658 meters.




UIWUIW is equivalent to about 3.09 seconds and is defined as the time it takes for the mass of the isotopes of thorium WAEELEWIWWOAT be reduced by 50%.




The impulse frequency activation of nerve centers located in the choroid plexus ventrolateral Brain is 6 · 12 3 cycles per second.


Frequency unit widely used in neurophysiology (Each frequency nerve centers)


CONSTANT biogenetics.Constant biogenetic12 -10 · 6.53102 seconds.It is the time it takes to integrate the quantum stateQuantum state Ccarbon atom in the chain of deoxyribonucleic acid for the formation of a GEN.




The inhabitants possess a body Ummo physiological whose morphology is similar to Earth’s homo sapiens.This is logical if you consider Biogenetic laws govern the whole universe.Only small differences constitutional respect you, appear among us.


In a high percentage of inhabitants of our planet, the body atrophies phonation during adolescence, so that the human voice box, undergoes a process of sclerosis, which disables us to the verbal sound.Despite the aid of special devices, amplifiers emitted low frequencies allow us to talk normally, although the timbre is not as smooth as yours, lacking the higher harmonics, and be restricted to serious range.


TOWN UMMITA sociological.


We are a people older than you, and has achieved a high level of civilization.


Our social structure differs greatly from the land.




Our government is governed by the UMMOAELEWE (General Council Ummo) composed of four members who were selected through everything Ummo psychophysiological assessments.


The laws are made based on the principles governing humanity Sociometric of our planet.




The coordination work of the population is achieved through an efficient group discipline.Our economic structure is radically different from you.


We do not know the peculiar institution of money, since all transactions of the few assets (values on Ummo) are done through a Network of XANMOO (sort of computers or electronic brains).On the other hand consumer goods (food and furniture) are not valuable because the abundance of them far exceeds demand.The earth and space are socialized.




We are a deeply religious society.We believe in WOA (God or generator) and possess scientific arguments for the existence of BUAWAA (Alma).


A third factor also know the man that links him with the Soul dimensionless.It is housed in Brain Cortex and have reported their discovery of two neurophysiologists.


Our religion is so similar to Earth Christianity that we’ve been really surprised to find out.Only differs in the fact that its appearance in Ummo emerged at a stage of our humanity that civilization was more developed than yours at the time of Jesus.


Our way of life, sexual mores, entertainment and so on.are also very different as you may presume.There are no real races among men Ummo and biological species and varieties are more restrained than on Earth.We attribute this to the probability of mutations on the chromosomes, is lower because our atmosphere is more protected than yours for the side effects of cosmic radiation.




Our first arrival at Earth was verified by taking advantage of excellent conditions ISODYNAMIC Space (Curvature of Space) at the time.


Three of our OEM OAWOOLEA UEWA (referred by you UFO or flying saucers landed at a point from the French Department of Basses Alps about 13 miles DIGNE and 8 kilometers from the town of LA JAVIER 4 hours 17 minutes TMG (Time Greenwich) on 28 March 1950.


Needless explanations for the vicissitudes suffered by our first group scout, who had to save very serious situations created in principle by the absolute ignorance of the language and customs on land.




Since then, several spacecraft have become more, culminating in landing three OAWOOLEA UEWA in February 1966.


Contacts with the land topography is recorded:


Arrival of two brothers in the vicinity of Erivan (Soviet territory) at 18 hours 47 minutes (time Spanish) point at 6 miles of the Aras River on 6 February 1966.


Arrival of two brothers at 20 hours 2 minutes, at a point near Madrid (Spanish territory) near Aluche Colony on February 6, 1966.


Arrival of three brothers to a point near Townsville (Queenland Australian territory) at 22 hours 45 minutes of February 6, 1966 (Spanish time).



The characteristics of our undisclosed undisclosed OAWOOLEA UEWA not be subject to our safety standards are:


Circular outer diameter 7.1 Enmoo (about 13.18 meters).


Cross section Pseudolenticular approximately 3.25 meters tall.


Equipped with three-foot rectangular panels extensible support.


The magnetic disturbances recorded by the Soviet engineer Alexei Krylo, not due to the nature of their propulsion has based magnetism.The strong induction observed, and that a point on the axis of the spacecraft, ten meters of its « center of inertia » frequently reaches the value of « 600 Gauss, is due to a side effect.




Our aim, in addressing the Earth focuses particularly on the Study and Analysis of Ground Culture.It is difficult to establish in a few short paragraphs, the essential differences between our civilization and yours, since although our level of scientific and technological training is much more advanced, we recognize that in certain forms of Art (Painting Sculpture especially music) have been cultivated by you to a higher level.


Informal contacts with governments and people.


There is a strong, exposed to certain people with whom we had contact, not to let us know officially, but official bodies in some countries are at this hour Awareness of our arrival on Earth.


There have been many Scientific and Cultural Organizations that have received our reports, the entire Earth.


But we recognize that the results, as expected, were very poor, given the skepticism is not without humor, with which they were received.When we have true revelations made in the case of three-dimensional photography, media unaided eye vision, or interesting mathematical development, concerning for example the technique of graphs or networks, have been attributed by the receivers, as the work of eccentric scientist or a prankster.


We do not say with spite or bitterness, from the psychological point of view, such reactions are normal.


We offer a short list of Spanish people with whom we established contact made known to us.


A specialist in Astrophysics Astronomical Observatory Fabra Barcelona.He provided valuable data about the stars Novas.TELEPHONE refused to continue on condition of identification (December 1961).


… … … … … … … … … … … ….

Professor, Faculty of Medicine of Madrid (March 1962) ( « A. Gallego?)


… … … … … … … … … … … … … …


Professor, Faculty of Chemical Sciences, Madrid (January 1965).


… … … … … … … … … … … … … …


Both were totally skeptical and asked bitterly the cessation of our mailings, although the reports submitted to the latter dealt with interesting issues about the behavior of some colloid.


… … … … … … … … … … … … … …


Perito Mercantil de Madrid, agreed upon remuneration to lend their valuable assistance typing (this circular is prepared for it) At the time agreed to let him make statements about the experience.Statements that it deems appropriate.(February 1966)


… … … … … … … … … … … … … …


Publicist officer Captain General of Madrid Mr. D.Fernando Sesma Manzano (C. Ferdinand 6) Madrid.


… … … … … … … … … … … … … …


This gentleman had published a monograph related to certain contacts made by him with alien beings.Although their versions were in our view flawed by fantastic elements, in which the Magic, Astrology, and the symbols interpreted arbitrarily played the main role, we see in their publications are some factors that attracted our attention, so it contacted the January 14, 1966, subjected to a series of tests to make sure its good faith or gullibility of their excess.


The Lord Sesma was skeptical at first, and is showing us his great righteousness, but sorry to disagree with him about the original source from their previous experiences that we attribute to a mere teaser.


At this Lord we have given to date a large number of reports of our civilization and social structure.


… … … … … … … … … … … … … …


Artist Painter living in the street 20 Madrid Conde Penalver.At our arrival in Aluche (Madrid) on 6 February, he spoke to the press that led to our interest in him.We asked to interview him personally without agreed, by interpreting it as a work of pranksters. (E. Grand).

… … … … … … … … … … … … … …


Two men living in Madrid was kindly lent to undergo a psychometric test for our Sociometric assessment.March and April 1966.

Catholic priestSeverino Machado (Mina Victoria Street, 7 to 3 º Madrid) We established postal and telephone contact with him, showing obviously waiting reserved evidence.April 1966.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … …


You see the result so far shows a high percentage of negative reactions (not rated much higher than the balance for us in the countries where we have also established similar contacts), except the U.S., where about 16% of people with that we communicate were apparently gullible.


In Spain only the Lord Sesma Manzano seems to have accepted our identity (But then provide evidence, such as advance notice of our arrival « Landing in Madrid on February 6).


Our valued partner who dictate our written generally received good number of tests also reacting accordingly with credulity.


We are truly grateful for their extraordinary discretion.And rightly feared a repetition of an incident, suffered in Milan, when we reported our auxiliary Authorities: accused of spying.


————————————————– ———


Language: Spanish

Mr. Manuel Campo

Date: 1967




For years are intrigued by the occurrences on the Earth’s atmosphere from other spacecraft (UFO) that are not just ours.Nobody like us know that the origin of such vehicles (except in cases of simple delusions, hallucinations or hoaxes) is of type Galactic.


In Ummo have officially established contacts with other civilizations but as you would like to know the provenance of those who reach Earth.We do not have here the technical means to identify them.




We do not expect to be believed, is likely to smile upon reading the preceding paragraphs as fraudulent and purely imaginative.


By so doing you behave intelligently, since the claims without substantiating evidence that the lack of value.If we have approached you, it’s because we linked to the belief of a galactic origin of these UFO


We have reason to believe that just as we have done to address you, as there is a degree of probability that such beings, if they make contact in any country, is precisely that supporters of plausible hypotheses.


We wish you a favor that we do anything detrimental to their prestige or its economy.If you wish you can hide the news of the receipt of this report, we will ask what is compatible with any concept that you have made on our personality.


We will dictate a series of digits (numbers) expressing some figures in binary numbering system.We beg that conserve.

If (though unlikely in his case), someone comes to you with the claim to come from another planet, it must respond by offering another sequence of digits.




If that is the fact that some stranger trying to establish some kind of verbal relations (telephone or personal interview) is not necessary to reiterate the need to choose noncompliance, to avoid any kind of joke or avoid abnormal behavior of attitudes that present a picture Presumably psychopathology.


Generally the pranksters present their arguments in a little elaborate.Change abound in certain forms of delusions whose structure is apparently perfectly consistent and logical, have a very high persuasive power, especially if the individuals who are sick devise very clever (In the Land Paranoia that syndrome is perfectly compatible with high IQ.


If as in this case the person identified as a space traveler seeking offers at least a coherent argument and apparently serious (still risking your identity fraud), give him or read the series of digits.

If well understood, and even if you request (you can just say that this figure has been given a friend or even better. That to prove his good faith want to do a test) He or they should turn a different sequence repeat of numbers (also in binary) to please WRITE.


In due course we will give you the name of a person who will liaise between you and us all.If we repeat, is unlikely for you (But from the statistical point of view, much more likely for one of the components of this sample) will eventually plea on behalf of this group Ummo advanced type informing you our link.






Finally he transcribed twice the number of digits repeated in as many lines for fear of duplicating printing any of them make it illegible.


1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 — 1 0 0 1 0 1 — 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1


1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 — 1 0 0 1 0 1 — 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1


We sincerely appreciate your attention, even if this were a joke, or delusion, you is not affected by making this favor.Our respects Lord.


Order: deii-98 son of deii-97